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BattleShip Puzzle

Screenshot free mobile game BattleShip Puzzle Screenshot free mobile game BattleShip Puzzle Screenshot free mobile game BattleShip Puzzle Screenshot free mobile game BattleShip Puzzle Screenshot free mobile game BattleShip Puzzle 
Summary: BattleShip Puzzle is a single player version logic game.
Publisher: Tomas Kaminskas
Description: Each BattleShip puzzle represents a section of ocean with a hidden fleet ships. The ships may be oriented horizontally or vertically within the grid such that no ship touches another, not even diagonally. Any remaining squares in the grid contain water segments. The numbers on the bottom and on the right of the grid shows how many squares in the corresponding rows and columns are occupied by ships. You are allowed some hints for each puzzle depending on the board size. The first hint is free, for any more you receive a time penalty.

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